change of plans!
By Avid Mozaffarian and

Started on: 05/04/10 12:45:58
Medium: Visual

The original project idea I had, which was a collaboration between my kitten and I isn't looking so good. He will scratch anything and everything other than the surface I would like him to use his claws on. I'm not sure if I want to keep going with this idea or go with another plan! actually I think I might keep trying my original idea and since it is half way into the quarter and also collaborate with him in another way as well and see which is more successful. Over the past couple of weeks, I've noticed his curiosity and attention when he is faced with a new 'thing' I do. The other day I was flossing and since he had never seen me do that before he came, stood in front of me and carefully watch the entire process with out moving once (he's a super energetic kitten, he really can't stand still for more than 5-10 seconds!) He was analyzing everything so carefully as if what I was doing was a lesson he had to learn for a matter of life or death.
He is also very stubborn! I guess he could have gotten that from me. Yesterday I was doing something on the counter which he could not see, so he decided to clime up from me in order to see the process. The one move he took which was wrong was jumping on my butt and piercing my skin in order to get to my shoulders (it's where he likes to sit and analyze things). The piercing of my butt hurt pretty bad so I put him down on the ground, he did the same thing two more time and I responded the same way.The fourth time he did it I harshly told him "NO" and gave him a mean face and so he gave me a mad face and ran away. After a minute he ran back, jumped on my butt, did this "meow woawe..." as if he was speaking to me and jumped off right away and ran. I think he was basically telling me that he's smarter and faster than me and he can do what he wants to. haha
As for the second idea I have for the collaboration with Korkie, I was thinking of documenting (with photographs) his litter box every time he goes and plays in it. For some reason he really likes playing in it and he ends up creating very interesting patterns in the sand. I also want to take him to a play ground that has sand and see if he reacts and plays the same way as he does with him kitty litter.
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Comment by LisaJ (05/19/10 16:09:28):
The litter box idea reminds me of the book "why cats paint" (see link below). In it are humorous art critiques of things cats do like scratching couch corners.