Interspecies Playful Behavior
By Sara Putman, Cat(s) and Rabbit(s)

Started on: 05/03/10 16:07:43
Medium: Conceptual

While getting ready to leave my apartment, my boyfriend spotted something strange taking place in the parking lot across from us. From my point of view, it looked like a rabbit and a cat were "playing" together. The cat was perched on a curb behind a house, while the rabbit was basically hopping back and forth around the cat, as if it were trying to get the cat to play with it. When the rabbit got close to the cat, the cat swatted at the rabbit and then it would hop back and forth again. This went on for a good five minutes, before I had to leave, which I regret because I wanted to see how this interaction would end. I thought that this playful behavior between two different species was strange and unlikely since they seemed to be wild and on their own. However, it seems more likely when the animals are pets, and therefore, they are forced to be around each other and interact.
Although I'm sure the rabbit and the cat were strays/wild this inter-species interaction also reminded me of the way my dog and cat behave. My dog will try to get my cat's attention and when my cat sees my dog, she acts as though she doesn't want to play by batting my dog away. However, my cat likes the attention and will provoke her to keep "playing" with her. This type of "playful behavior" seems to show that no matter the species, animals need to play and interact with each other.

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