Discussion 3 - Interspecies Collaboration
By Alli Harrod and Cat(s)

Started on: 05/02/10 02:10:07
Medium: Visual

I took Julius for a drive last week to see how everything panned out for him in regard to driving and being out and about. Like before, he seemed pretty excited about a chance to be in the car. It is funny that he is outside of it and he hears it being turned on, but he has no fear when he is inside of it and it is being turned on. He seemed like he was going to be a very active participant. He was climbing on my lap as well to look out my window - each time that he did it, I took my first left. It was very amusing. I did not print out any maps this time or bring anyone with me to document our route in the back seat, but I want to next time. I clocked my mileage and saw that we cruised around Isla Vista and the surrounding Goleta area for ten miles (with out any stops, of course.) Many people in other cars were very amused by him looking out the window at the, especially at stoplights and double lane stop signs. Some people waved and he seemed to notice them and look at them. I think that this activity really works well with his independent nature. It lets him take charge of where we go and what we look at and mobilizes him in a way that he is unable to mobilize himself.
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