Face Off
By Connie Hwang and Dog(s)

Started on: 04/11/06 13:03:25
Medium: Other

I've always had a interests in dogs! So for this class, I am hoping to collaborate with my Uncle's new 6 month old poodle. My interest lies in facial ques, and how we respond to dog's facial ques, and how they respond to ours. I am unsure how I will go about recording and documenting and eventually representing my data or results, but I hope to incorporate graphic work done digitally and perhaps some manual print.
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Project Updates
04/18/06 11:11:12 - Update

I went back home this Easter and got the chance to go to my uncles and play with Scottie, the 6 months old poodle. As I tried getting headshots of the dog, some thoughts and intrigueing speculation came to my mind: 1. Do dogs know they are being camera'ed? Do they have any knowledge or desire to collaborate with us when we hold a silver/black/red...etc little box up and when our face partially disappears behind that little box? 2. Sometimes, we say that "oh, he's so photogenic, but do dogs expressions really represent a face made for a camera?" are they like humans, when we are told smile and say chees or make a funny face, can they be taught to do the same? 3. In the criteria of collaboration, do they have any sort of instinct that allows them to know that they too (their image) are being preserved as a memory when a they witness a white light (probably not!... but who knows!)... I don't know, all I have are odd and what might seem to be far fetched questions. I'm still unsure of how to go about collaborating, but I think I might take pictures and try to capture some of Scottie's facial expressions, and enlarge them and show them to him, and see if he has any reaction (kinda of like putting a dog in front of a mirror)... Or try to see if he starts posing, and giving certain looks the more i hang around him taking pictures... Kind of like treating him as a model, and seeing if he can take on the role of a model? If anyone has any ideas that can build into the aforementioned ideas, please let me know cause I could use the help!

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