skunk and raccoon collaboration
By Martin C. Shaver, Norah Eldredge, Raccoon(s) and Skunk(s)

Started on: 04/27/10 12:29:42
Medium: Conceptual

the project i am going with involves working with raccoons and skunks. they often times wander through my yard and there are also times when the raccoons climb atop of the gazebo in the back yard where my roommates sleep. when the raccoons are up top there they fight for some reason, and the ironic part about it is that the roof is in the shape of an octagon so it's similar to mixed martial art cage fighting. what i propose to do is to play music for the raccoons when they climb up there. i would like to try different kinds of music: if they're fighting, then i'll play soothing music to see if they relax or techno music to see if they'll fight to that. If they're just hanging out there i'll try different kinds of music and see how they react. i will do the same for the skunks that wander around as well. i will keep from blaring the music loudly to scare them away, the purpose of the exercise is to collaborate and see how they react to the music, and possibly find some music they may like hearing.
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