Pee Mapping
By ho chi leung and Dog(s)

Started on: 04/26/10 13:28:33
Medium: Visual

Pee Mapping

My dog always pees around when I take him to a walk. I am going to walk my dog a pen and paper, and try to sketch our route with dots that symbolize his peeing spots. And at the same time, I will have him wearing the video camera, and the video camera will capture our route, and show us what my dog sees and what are the spots that most likely my dog would choose. And my sketches of the routes will be rough because I do not want the sketches to be specific. However, I will take records of the routes on Google earth. I think the sketches will be interesting because I will be the one who choose the route of the walk, while my dog will choose the spots that he wants to pee; so the sketches combine both of our choices on different subjects.

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Comment by alliharrod (05/12/10 20:51:19):
This is such a funny project idea! I am doing a mapping project as well, but it is not with pee - it is with my cat in the car

Project Updates
04/27/10 16:11:24 - 4/26/10

Today’s experience was not successful, because the video camera was not working and I did not know until I went home and plugged the camera into computer. Moreover the paper was too small to sketch the route, while it would be difficult for me carry a big paper during the dog walk. Hence, I need to figure out a method or way to make this work.

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04/27/10 16:13:47 - 4/27/10

Today’s experience was kind of successful. The video camera was working, and I was being more organized to sketch the route on paper.

However, at first, I was being more accurate to sketch the route, and I even put symbols to describe the surroundings of the route. But later on, I sketched the route without looking at my paper, but kept staring at my dog and let my hand took the control to draw. And I think at the end, the randomness of the sketch turned out to be the nice part on the paper.

My dog peed a lot today. According to my record, he peed 29 times, and poo 2 times during the walk.

I think this project is fun. And I would like to explore other different ways to execute or present this idea.

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Comment by LisaJ (05/02/10 09:11:29):
The drawings are great and I like the project idea, how it maps the intersection of the wishes of the two of you.

Too bad the video does not show. YouTube has a 10 minutes limit. You might want to check maybe they have longer time limits. If not cut the video into smaller segments and post them separately.

05/31/10 00:25:32 - The Final Pee

I expanded the Pee Mapping project to have two dogs and two participants. The two dogs were Snowbo and Meelo, and the participants were my boyfriend, Benson and me. We chose three different locations and let the dogs to run around and pee, while Benson and I sat down and blind drawing the dogs running directions and their peeing spots. The first location was just a pain grass area, the second location had a tree in the middle of the grass area, while the third was a large grass land.

During the project, the dogs played, pee, poo and fought. It was quite interesting to watch them playing, and sometimes I was too focus on watching and forgot to move my hand to draw. I enjoyed the project a lot because it not only engaged my two dogs, but also invited my boyfriend to participate. We were liked a happy family during the time.

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06/01/10 18:12:24 - photo updated

PHOTOS link:

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06/04/10 00:23:30 - Video Updated

SNOWBO's video camera on 4/27/2010

**************************Pee Mapping: Expanded Final Pee Mapping

[my handycam]

[Dog MEELO with Video camera]

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06/04/10 00:28:52 - Sketches updated

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