Squirrel Shanty-Town
By Mary Zdybel and Squirrel(s)

Started on: 04/25/10 23:04:00
Medium: Installation

I absolutely love all of the little ground squirrels that play around the arts building by the lagoon. I think it is so adorable how the will pop their heads out of a hole just to say hello, and there are tons of the little guys! My boyfriend and I have always talked about how fun it would be to build little houses for the squirrels inhabiting that area, the effect would be lots and lots of tiny houses, like a little squirrle shanty-town. I was unsure of how much of a 'collaboration' this would be, however I was encouraged to go through with this project after Lisa showed us the example of the artist building animal habitats in class. I think if i do thorough research on what types of housing would be optimal for the ground squirrels, I can successfully build them a little town that they could love to live in!
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Comment by LisaJ (05/02/10 09:30:58):
I think you can think of it as collaboration. I am not sure Fritz Haeg did with his dwellings, but try to imagine it as such, ask the squirrels what they want, ask them what they would do if their hands where larger, they had access to any materials they wanted, etc. Look into what squirrels see, hear etc.