Hungry Seagull
By Michelle Safley and Seagull(s)

Started on: 04/24/10 19:48:46
Medium: Visual

Usually, I come across seagulls at the sea, or some large body of water. For the past two years, I've been having to deal with them running around on the roof of my apartment, and since the roof is really thin, it sounds like some kind of small child is romping around. That, or that the seagulls are bowling, bumping into things, or breaking something. They can be very scary, just by landing heavily out of nowhere! Anyways, when I happened across this particular seagull by the garbage, I couldn't help but wonder what it was doing. Then I remembered how they like to pull and peck at things and annoy me in the morning, and I guess it makes sense. Seagulls like to be destructive, this is what I have learned.

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