week 4 (squirrels and more flies)
By Jennifer Lee Lin and Squirrel(s)

Started on: 04/22/10 20:01:23
Medium: Visual

working with the beach flies could work. although its hard to pinpoint exactly where on my leg they're landing since they always move when i start moving. still trying to work with the plovers. i tried moving like them a few days ago when i was jogging. i ran to the waves and back to the beach like they were. then i tried sitting still and see how they reacted. both times they just avoided me.

When i was walking down the steps to the lagoon from the arts building i saw a squirrel just chilling right in the middle of the clown nose of the clown face someone had painted on the ground. i started singing a random song...i think it was a beatles song, and walking down the steps very slow, about 3-4 at a time and stopping whenever it started twitching. i would stop, and sing louder in hope that my singing might make it realize i wasnt trying to hurt it. i managed to get within 1 foot of it when it turned and ran past me up the stairs. i think it stared at me as i left, and it didnt move an inch even when i was already past the stairs. i kept singing.

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