Project Ideas Week 2
By Jennifer Lee Lin and

Started on: 04/22/10 19:34:23
Medium: Other

after visiting the REEF and learning about the decorator crabs, i thought about maybe putting all sorts of different flowers, food, beads, plants, sticks, anything in front of a decorator crab and have it choose whatever it wanted to put on his shell. after 5 minutes i realized that most of these things probably won't stick to his shell. i don't know how else to collaborate with the crab besides giving it things so i nixed that idea.

all i know is that i want to work with an ocean animal, because i want to be at the beach everyday. Even though i live so near the ocean i only go a few times a week, and if i can somehow connect to the animals whose home is the waters than i could form a deeper connection to the ocean as well.

maybe the plovers? sometimes when im jogging in the early morning or dusk i can see dozens of them just scuttling back and forth across the waves. i was thinking i could try to render their movements with pencil. simple line drawings for my art. i dont want to scare them away though, especially since theyre endangered.
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