Naming Pigs...
By Michelle Safley and Pig(s)

Started on: 04/22/10 09:00:18
Medium: Visual

Today we are going to go visit some pot-bellied pigs, and what I am going to try and do is figure out an animal's name before I learn (if I learn) what it is. I shall try to get a sense of the animal, both inside and out, and see if there is any word that just seems to suit the animal perfectly. I will report back once I get back with my findings and see how accurate I was, or if I never learn their names, I will at least be able to have gotten a good sense of the pigs and their personalities.
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Project Updates
04/22/10 21:28:33 - Oreo

Well, the only name that I can remember is Oreo, which was the biggest pig at Lil Orphan Hammies. It's definitely not a name I would have thought of for him; I think the first name that popped into my head was Harold, but that was probably just because the pigs are hairy. Oreo was very friendly, a little too friendly, infact. I was just crouching on the ground trying not to intimidate any of the pigs, when he came right up to me. I guess I had some good energy, or looked like a scratching post, because he went ahead and rubbed his face all over and put his head in my lap!! I got a little muddy but I suppose the connection was worth it; we must have connected on some telepathic level, more so than I did with any of the other pigs.

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Noisy piggies


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