Mosquito Eaters...
By Michelle Safley and Mosquito(s)

Started on: 04/22/10 08:52:25
Medium: Visual

These things are everywhere. I've lost count how many times they manage to dart into my or a friend's apartment within the one or two seconds it takes to open the front door, and walk inside. Mosquitos and the bigger mosquito eaters seem to be all over the place lately. I'm thinking that I will trying to document them from now on, and see what characterisitics they have in common, if they tend to be attracted to a particular room or area on the wall. Most recently, a mosquito eater flew into my kitchen up into the farthest corner of the room. I think it was scared, and it didn't move for several hours. Finally, I came back into the room and it was gone and I haven't heard from it again. I guess it just needed a place to chill out for a bit. Hopefully it found its way back outside.
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Project Updates
05/08/10 17:51:49 - Where have they gone?

They appear to have gone on vacation, because I have not had any interactions with mosquito eaters recently. I guess they either come in all at once, or not at all. Still, whenever they would come inside, they would tend to stay in the kitchen, thought that may have just been because that's the first room they could fly into. I have the door open at this very moment to see if any want to come in, but it looks like they have moved on to other more exciting apartments. Oh well.

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05/27/10 12:41:11 - Last chance...

I thought I would check in with the mosquito eaters one last time, but alas, there have been no recent sightings since the beginning of the quarter. I suppose it's one of those things where when you don't want them, they're there, and as soon as you start paying attention and seeking them out, they disappear. I haven't really seen any around the other apartments in my complex either. I'm starting to think that they are seasonal and migrate complex to complex. I suppose it makes sense that if there are no mosquitos nearby, the eaters would not want to stick around either.

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