By Michelle Safley, Bird(s), Dog(s) and Fly(s)

Started on: 04/22/10 08:44:48
Medium: Visual

I have an idea to do a series of photographs from animal perspectives. For example, a bird's eye view, an ant on a log, a fly on the wall, etc. I like the idea of trying to get inside an animal's head to see what they see, and also playing with words that are typically associated with them, and trying to give a visualization of what all the known sayings are *really* trying to portray. I would be using our language to figure out the animal's point of view, and learning an animal's point of view to fully understand our language.
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Project Updates
06/06/10 18:47:24 - Go here...

This was my very first idea that never really came to pass, however, another student in the class did have a similar idea and was very successful. Go check out Danusia's photographs to see what I kind of had in mind, in regards to showing animal perspectives.

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