By Sean Turner and Hamster(s)

Started on: 04/22/10 04:36:58
Medium: Visual

Initially for my video class project I was going to do a video about myself and my search for serenity and peace with the way my life is going. I often question if what I'm doing is pointing my life in the direction I want it to go. While brainstorming ideas, I realized that I have countless opportunities, options, and different paths to take in my life. My hamster, on the other hand, has a much more controlled and sheltered life. The only decisions he gets to make are when he wants to eat and drink and run on his wheel. I then tried to imagine life from his point of view. This lifestyle fit the feeling I was trying to portray in the video, and the comical nature of a hamster video was a good contrast to the somewhat serious and somber mood of the song. In the video, I was able to convey my internal feelings through the hamster and I set up a little mini narrative that helped me get my point across. Spending time on this project made me more aware of how my housemates and I were treating Hammy. After imagining life from his perspective, I realized that we need to give Hammy more free time to roam around in his ball and explore new territory on his own. I think he will be happier if he spends more time out of his cage, so he can feel free and get a sense of the enormous real world that is out there. Hammy was a very good collaborator on this project and he definitely wasn't camera shy.

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