hammy feng shui
By Sean Turner and Hamster(s)

Started on: 04/22/10 04:16:57
Medium: Installation

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Over the past few weeks, I have noticed that the items in my hamster's cage, house, food bowl, and wheel, move around a lot from day to day. I'm guessing that this rearrangement is Hammy's way of expressing his artsy side. For the last few nights, before I went to bed, I clumped all of the items in the center of his cage. In the morning, after hours of running around his cage and on his wheel, the feng shui is completely different. His igloo house and food bowl are almost always on one side of the cage and the wheel is on the opposite end. The wheel slowly moves over whenever Hammy runs on it, but he actually pushes the other elements around with his body. I think that he is spreading out the items so that he can feel safe huddled in his igloo in the corner, and so he has more room to stretch out. Perhaps it is simply because he finds this particular arrangement more aesthetically pleasing, who knows.

new upgraded version

old home

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eating the wheel

hammy builds walls with bedding to make more space for activities. this also provides shade

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hammy building a sculpture with the bedding under his house

he prefers the big house with a little more room for activities

dean(the official owner) a proud new father

hammy likes the big house better

hammy bedding before he digs it out

hammy's sculpture under his house

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Project Updates
05/27/10 12:20:21 - huge

Since Hammy was only a few weeks old when we bought him, he was very small. Over the last couple months, he has grown to one and a half times his original size, and he has gained weight, over 15 grams! The igloo that he used to sleep in is no longer big enough, so we got him a new upgraded version. We are also working on obtaining a larger terrarium so that he can have more room to run around in his cage whenever he wants to.

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06/01/10 12:50:28 - home

yay i found a new larger terrarium for hammy to make his new home. pictures and updates coming soon!

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06/08/10 13:24:25 - show

The Art Show went awesome. Hammy was a star as usual. This is the caption I used in the exhibit.

This is my hamster. His name is Hammy "Ham Dunk" Johnson. Over the past few months, I have been working with Hammy to create the ideal harmonious living situation for the both of us. Initially, his cage was too small. At night he would have tons of energy and nowhere to run around. I found that he pushed his bed to the sides of his terrarium to make more breathing room for himself. When Hammy entered our family, he was about half of his current size. A couple of months ago, Hammy reached a size where he could no longer fit inside of his igloo to sleep. I put another more spacious home inside his cage along with the igloo, and he chose to sleep in the bigger one as expected. I also acquired a much larger terrarium for him to live in. Now he has room to run laps when he does his nocturnal exercise routine on his wheel. Also, we now only buy the smelly proof bedding so Hammy won't stink up our living room anymore. I also taped his wheel down to the terrarium so that it won't move around and ruin his bedding arrangement when he runs on it. This keeps the wheel from making noise in the middle of the night as well. Thanks to the collaboration between Hammy and I this quarter, we all live together very harmoniously.

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