Ideas for Interspecies Collaboration
By Michael Martinez and Octopus(s)

Started on: 04/18/10 14:19:03
Medium: Performance

I have an affinity for sound art, and extremely experimental/noise music. I have been considering on working on a piece where an animal and myself would some how make music.

One idea i had was to do a performance with the octopus. Octopuses have the ability to change color to communicate. What I want to see is if i can communicate with the Octopus using sounds to elicit a response from the octopus.

Octopuses can hear but not so well, but respond to vibrations much better. So i would have to figure away that would allow the octopus to sense the music, or sounds. Hopefully the music will have an effect on the octopus and it will responds by changing its colors.

I still have more research to do, to make sure this process would not be harmful to the octopus. If it is I have a back up plan. This would be a performance ran mostly buy the octopus. I could make a simple electronic instrument that creates sound based on touch. with this i could fashion some way for the octopus, or any animal for that mater to play the instrument,
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