By Avid Mozaffarian and Cat(s)

Started on: 04/15/10 11:41:23
Medium: Visual

So I finally found a computer that can open this page =)
I love animals and interacting with them as well as watching their interactions with one another. Iíve had a variety of pets throughout the years and the relationship we create is nothing that could be put into words. The worst part about this bond that we create is the moment that you loose that creature as your companion. The humble partner dying because of an old age or getting eaten by another animal is the worst thing. So for this collaboration I wanted to pick an animal that I could keep as my pet and not be forced to end the relationship and bond we have created at the end of the quarter.
One honest thing that I could say is that I will never go and by an animal from a pet store when there are thousand of unwonted animals in shelters. All the pets Iíve had have always been adopted from a shelter.
For this project I decided to adopt a kitten. It took about two weeks for me to finally bring him home since he was so tiny and underweight. The hour and half car ride we had together was very entertaining and ear numbing, I didnít really need the radio since the little guy was meowing so much. I brought him home to five other people (my roommates), I thought he would be freaked out from all the people, but he absolutely loved it. His big smile, energy, and approach toward us all made me notice how thirsty of attention the kitten was. For the past week Korkie has been a great source of entertainment for us all and also a source of pain and plenty of scars. Since he likes to scratch everything and stick him claws into every semi-ruff surface I thought I would use that to my advantage and create that as a source of communication between us. So I got a notebook that has a scratch on surface on the pages and a different color is visible under the scratched area. I thought I would give him a new page every week and see if he notices anything and start creating his art work.

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