Species of Spring
By Matthew Roy Reeves and Hermit Crab(s)

Started on: 04/12/10 13:40:24
Medium: Visual

I begin my collaboration with Hermes the Hermit Crab at Pet Smart, and continue on at my house in Isla Vista.

Close-Up of Hermes the Dancing Hermit Crab

Final work of Hermes the Dancing Hermit Crab project

I dig for more sand that will fill the new and improved environment for Hermes, the Destijl Mobile.

Barbara Janelle, animal psychic, suggested that Hermes should be in contact with dance music. He likes to dance! Also: I am depicted meditating upon a tree stump.

Habitat of Hermes, life of sound and music.

Hermes can move around safely inside his terrarium.

Transferring salt sand to Destijl Mobile Upgrade.

Baking sand for new and improved Destijl Mobile.

Hermes is getting bigger and wants a larger shell: I begin the hunt for a bigger shell.

Aretha Franklin, Ashanti, and the B-52's

Lady Ga Ga music

Reggae Music

Michael Buble music

Latin Guitar Dance No. 1

"People's Park in Isla Vista is Hermit Crab Park"

Rendered image of "The De Stijl Mobile."

Recycling Box around Home of Hermes, "The De Stijl Mobile."

Home of Hermes, "The De Stijl Mobile"

Hermes and I at dinner

Hermes on Conveyor Belt

Amanda sells me Hermes the Hermit Crab

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Project Updates
06/10/10 22:41:07 - Final Project

Danielle Terhune and I spoke to animal psychic Barbara Janelle, who had some insights on Hermes, my very own Hermit Crab.

“Hermes likes music, but is too much inside himself. He likes to dance.”

Our project is the hermit crab dance mix, an exploration into interspecies living spaces and lifestyles. Hermes is surrounded by human life from inside the Destijl Mobile, his modern domestic material terrarium. Danielle and I pay special attention to his musical preferences by sharing our human understanding of the art form. The outcome is interspecies collaboration.

Featured are recorded movements of Hermes dancing to various music genres, along with relevant sketches documenting our collaboration with my hermit crab.

Take up the head phones and experience our interspecies collaboration. Dance with Hermes the hermit crab. Get out of your shell!

The Destijl Mobile

Hermes lives inside a tupperware container, and so do I. When I change his water each morning, the Santa Barbara city services will water me. Together, we are collaborating to explore controlled environments, and how they the controlled freedom offered can be most enjoyed.

Destijl was a dutch art movement in the early 20th century stressing intensely artificial aesthetics. Strong primary colors were displayed in paint, wood, and plastics. The Destijl Mobile is a domesticated transportation of this modern art phase, paying tribute to the progress of century's past. Modern art now provides flashy plastic containers of stark plastic colors.

Hermes and I comfortably live in our respective controlled, artificial environments, ever aware of our animalistic bond to nature. We may be postmodern pets to the philosophers of today, but Hermes and I know that together we are interspecies collaborators.

How do you live inside your tupperware container?

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