lost for ideas
By Hilary Elizabeth MacDonald and

Started on: 04/07/10 19:13:48
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Hilary MacDonald #1

HELP! I have no ideas on what to do for my project. I have been thinking about animals that intrigue me and just cant fin “the one”. My dad’s parrot would be fascinating to collaborate with but he is an hour away. Even if he was closer I wouldn’t even know were to begin. I know that he hates the color red…there’s a start. Along side the parrot at my parents house lives a 12pound maltase poodle dog about 7 years old named Roxy. She would be fun to work with too, but a bit boring she just sleeps and eats and is solid white so I couldn’t do anything with color. There are also 2 frogs that live in the same house hold,(Jeremiah and Timothy) but they are extremely dull to observe. So as of right now I am stuck. I am sure one day ideas will just start flowing into my head as to what to do but today is, sadly, not that day. I also could work with the evil cat next door but I only see him at 6am in the morning when I go to work and he decides to plunge head first into the window. .I don’t even like cats though, dogs are by far my favorite animals so I think a trip to DAWG is in order and probably a trip to the Zoo. I really enjoy watching the otters at the zoo they seem to have a lot of personality and they are horrible problem solvers which makes for a lot of laughs. I also have a liking for snakes, the zoo of course would supply some exhibits of snakes. My boyfriend’s roommate also has a snake so I could gain information through him, his name is Colbert. He is a pretty playful snake so that will help me to progress with any sort of project I come up with. For right now I think I need to just keep researching different animals and seeing projects that have been made through collaborations. Also talking to people in class to get ideas would be helpful unless everyone else is stuck in a rut like me. Wish me luck.

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