Mac the Greeter
By Michael Walter Lambert and Dog(s)

Started on: 06/03/09 17:00:07
Medium: Performance

Mac would like to introduce himself to you. He is curious about you and would like to welcome you to the art show. Mac is the greeter and he is happy to do so. This is more than a job for Mac. He is genuinely interested in you and wants to get to know you. He is interested in your smell as this is his way of getting to know you. You are Mac's friend and his guest at this event. He wants you to feel comfortable. But he will also give you your space. After he greets you he will be on his way. You should know you are welcome. Mac is brief but sincere, he can't interact all night as he has his business to attend to. Mac will be busy making the rounds to let everyone know that they are welcome. Mac takes his job very seriously, he is thorough and will probably approach you several times to see how you are doing and to make sure you are having a good time. You are an important guest and Mac is just saying "Welcome and enjoy the show!"

Recap of show(Documentation):
The show went great. My project seemed to work. My project had Mac as the greeter for the show; the welcoming party. I was unsure how Mac would participate at the show maybe he would be shy or not interact. But Mac was very curious of the guests and very friendly. Mac was the greeter. I believe that he greeted everyone just as I had anticipated. I know Mac likes to introduce himself. Mac played the role of host in an unfamiliar setting. Mac was friendly but brief with everyone as Mac respects boundaries and had business of his own to carry out. But he did make sure to welcome everybody. He was perfect as the greeter. Mac has never been very interested in other dogs which showed at the opening. The other dogs were interested in him but he merely withstood their company. Although he didn't show it I think his nerves were a little frazzled, at one point he refused to eat. Mac is a very kind dog and not judgmental, he sort of goes with the flow as he did for the opening.

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