Paw Painting
By Simon Estrada and Dog(s)

Started on: 05/20/09 23:42:12
Medium: Performance

I've always enjoyed how playful dogs can be. Their playful attitude is what inspired this project. I like how much you can build a relationship with a dog or any pet.
The project I had in mind was a finger painting stand that I will set up in the park and as dogs and their owners come by they can come by and join in a fun little activity for the both them. I wanted to do some fun and enjoyable for others to join in to. This project will be a collaborative project with the pets AND will get the owners to get involved with the collaboration; I thought it would be nice to do something that gets more subjects involved. I will have the owners and the dogs painting pictures that they will be able to keep as a memorabilia. I will be documenting the event for my project. So come out this saturday to the park and bring your furry little friend for some paw painting! free shirt available.
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Comment by mlifshin (05/22/09 17:53:08):
That sounds great. I like the idea of getting a lot of people involved and making the piece a public event, I've just been thinking along those lines, too. Do you think the dogs will just do it, or you will have to think of tactics to interest them in painting with their paws? Also how were you thinking to document -- photo, video, the images themselves? And lastly make extra sure you are using natural/non-toxic pigments for the doggies.

Project Updates
05/22/09 19:51:07 - puppies

Thank you....I will either use face paint or mud for the shirts. About the documentation I will be taking pictures. Also I think that I will have to use tactics to get the dog to paint ; I might have the owner assist the dog in painting.

here is the facebook event...invite your friends:

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Comment by leonachen (05/27/09 19:47:57):
i saw your project today when I was setting up mine. I think you have a great idea and it seemed like it turned out to be successful. How are you planning on presenting your piece during the show? Any special way?

06/04/09 15:47:32 - Puppy Paw Painting

My Project went very well; better than I had expected. I was able to make a total of 11 of 15 t-shirts. At first people didn't know what to think when they saw my painting stand. I stopped a few cars at DogShit Park who just had to see what was up. Once the found out hwat it was about they brought their furry friends and made some t-shirts. Some people said they didn't have a dog but if they did they would take a shirt, some just wanted a t-shirt event though they didn't have a pet, and the one's who did have pets LOVED it. It was a great thing to see pets and their owners participate in a fun activity together and have fun doing it. The art show had a similar result; people didn't know what to think but once they got their feet wet they were all over it. Thank you all for participating and for the support, it turned out great.

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